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Historic Preservation -  In order to preserve the ambiance and historical look of our City all   
new home construction and additions to existing structures in the historic district must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.   
Certificate of Appropriateness Form and Instructions 
Application Checklist for New Construction, Additions, and Alterations
Application Checklist for Demolition Project
Anchorage Historic Preservation District Commission Guidebook
New Homes, Additions, Accessory Structures - In addition to Historic Preservation
Commission approval, all new construction and additions to your home or property
must meet zoning regulations and be approved.  
Zoning Steps, Instructions, and Fees
Trenching, Drainage, Roadcut, etc. - This type of work must be approved before
work begins.  (For sewer and septic system work use Tree Preservation Plan.)   
Permit Application and Instructions       
Construction/Tree Preservation Plan -  Sewer and septic system work and
all construction projects.  Permit Application and Instructions
Tree Removal -  Use when removing trees (living, dead, downed by storms) greater
than 3" in diameter. Form and Instructions   Note: A photo of the tree(s) to be removed and
a map showing the tree location(s) should be submitted with the tree removal notification form.  Recommended Replacement Tree List
Banners & Signs - Permanent or temporary placement.  Permit Application   
Group Road Use Permit - Parade, walk/run or cycling event, etc.   Permit Application
Use of Public Facility Permit - City Hall meeting room, gazebo, etc.  Permit Application
      -   Special Rules for Wagner Park and the City Hall Gazebo
Golf Cart Road Use Permit -  Inspection/Permit Instructions
Anchorage residents need permits for the following functions:
1) Construction or demolition of any structure or an addition or alteration to a structure.
2) Projects such as driveways, fences, sheds, sidewalks and decks need to be reviewed
       by the City's Zoning Officer. If you are in the historic district or in a community with
       a homeowners association you will need additional approvals from them. 
3) Tree Removal. (Needed only for trees with a 3" or greater diameter.)
4) A trench in the ground that exceeds twelve feet in length such as during drainage work.
5) Repair or installation of irrigation systems, burying of phone, gas, electric or cable lines,
       septic systems, or the installation of a patio or driveway.
6) Landscaping projects. (No permit needed to plant trees or shrubs.)
7) Signs
                Please contact City Hall at 245-4654 to determine if your project requires a permit
                    and to find out the permit procedures and timelines. 
City of Anchorage, Kentucky
1306 Evergreen Road
Anchorage, Kentucky 40223
Phone (502) 245-4654
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