Anchorage Public School, a nationally award-winning K-8 school, is the cornerstone of our community* and is anchored in a rich heritage dating back to 1911. From school sporting events and holiday parades to a popular artisan craft market, there are traditions that draw residents to the school on a regular basis. It is commonplace for multiple generations of families to attend the school, with parents moving back to Anchorage so their children can share a similar educational experience in this unique community. 

As a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School designated by the US Department of Education, Anchorage Public School is an example of excellence in education. For over a century, the school has built and sustained high academic standards while also nurturing a well-rounded student by educating the whole child. Through core class instruction along with music, art, technology, physical education, and foreign language essential arts, APS students are engaged in learning through a variety of modes. 

The collaborative effort between the school staff, parents, and community members leads to better decisions, programs, and curriculum, which, in turn, lead to enhanced learning experiences for the students as they become lifelong learners. To learn more about Anchorage Public School, please visit

* The majority of homes located in the corporate limits of the City of Anchorage are in the Anchorage Public School District, however, there are properties not in this district. Please directly contact the school to verify that a specific property address is in the Anchorage district.