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Anchorage is a home-rule class city that operates on a fiscal year of July 1 to June 30. The Anchorage Tax Assessor determines the property values for all properties located in the City and is responsible for the Anchorage ad valorem tax assessments. Assessment notices are mailed annually in mid-January and are used to determine the amount of your City real property tax as well as the Anchorage School tax, if applicable. Not all properties in the City are in the Anchorage Public School District. 

For those who wish to appeal their property assessment, the process includes both in-person meetings with or an option to mail in their appeal to the Board of Tax Supervisors. The process is also detailed on the annual assessment notice. The Board meets to hear appeals in February or March each year. Deadlines are posted on the City calendar.
Tax bills are mailed in April and are due June 30 of each year and cover the City fiscal year. If paid by May 31, a discount will be applied to the face amount of what is due. Taxes paid after June 30 will have interest charged. On November 1, unpaid property taxes are subject to a 25% penalty. Tax and discount rates are approved by Anchorage City Council each year via a published ordinance. 

Personal Property Tax Return for businesses. Businesses operating within the City are subject to an annual personal property tax and must complete the Personal Property Tax return. The return deadline is February 15.

Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Rate

Anchorage City Tax - $.323 per $100 of assessment value
Homestead or Disability Exemption
If you are 65 years or older, or if you have been declared totally disabled, you are eligible for the homestead exemption. This exemption will give the homeowner a discount on the assessed value of their property. If you have already applied, you do not need to apply again. If you are eligible, you must apply at both Anchorage City Hall and the Jefferson County Property Valuation Assessor. The form and verification of the applicant's birth date or the documentation verifying disability should be submitted as soon as possible to be eligible for the discounts.
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Public Information

How to request information and public documents of the City of Anchorage: Notice Governing Inspection of Public Records
Open Records Request Form OR Attorney General Request to Inspect Public Records